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The perky springtime songster sings a scratchy tune

This year Pembrokeshire was full of Whitethroats. I mean full - they seemed to be everywhere along the coast path - every turn and twist of the path and every headland seemed to bring a new perky little songster into view. That was just one of the many delights of this spectacular and very beautiful county. But try and stalk these little guys and you quickly learn why the all-out birders use really long glass - they were having none of it. Time for a plan B and a bit of field craft. Careful watching soon revealed a pair with a nest close to the path and with some convenient cover for me nearby. I returned early the next morning and it all came good. Perfect soft light from over my shoulder and a pair of busy parents visiting their nest every couple of minutes, far too busy to be worried about the strange green blob that had just landed in their midst. While it wouldn't work in every scenario, with a little skill and patience it's often surprisingly easy to shoot birds even with modest focal lengths. This was shot using the D7100's 1.3x crop option for faster shooting speeds and an effective focal length of 830mm.

Nikon D7100 300mm f2.8 AFS VR nikkor + 1.4 converter ISO 500 1/1250 at f6.3

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